Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Holaa.. Anneyeong!
just simple reminder.
eh, bukan.
a simple noted maybe.

gurls, I know from your expression.
I know from your body language.
I know that you like him.
yes, we like the same guy.
I guess.
but please. please admit.
because you already caught by me.
if yes, that we like the same guy,
just admit. do not deny it.
Its okay. for you. I’m back off.
just admit when I asked you.
because I love you more than that guy.
I love our friendship.
I love you my girl.
confession does not make you lack of your “sifat malu”
but, confession is for you to express your expression.

why I’m not confess by myself?
because I’m not selfish.
I know you. you are better for him. than me.
I know you will treat him better than me.

and if there someone know something.
keep on shut up.
I begging you.
please ya.

and, if that guy are not accepting you.
do not frustrated.
that’s normal. just accept it.
because life’s is not beautiful like we thought.

so please girl.

girl, just admit. stop denying. 
If yes, I’m Back Off. for you. Seriously!

till then,

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